Seeking Solis RPG Resources
Seeking Solis RPG Resources
Category: Personalities
Location: The City of Solis

Curio Court Resources

Boom is a new lad in Curio, high seas drifter, tatoo of a two headed dragon spitting fire sprawled across his back, a sailors memento of some far flung port call on some bucaneering run.

Has the body of a sailor too, does Boom Pearlman, all lithe and lean but rippling with well used muscles that can respond at an instant to anything a cruel sea or a crueler captain demands. Got salt in his veins, rope calloused hands and skin the colour of deep tanned leather, got that sea-board gait to his walk too and a swagger that tells you to mind your step, cutter, or you might just regret it.

But its not just a bit of shore leave that brings Boom to Curio, idleing away a few hours with a whore or a mug of ale. Its more than that now his dues are paid and his fortune made, its a change from sun-bleached deck to sandel-worn stone and a safer life ashore. Well, as safe as a life can be in Solis, where life ain't just cheap, its more or less free.

Strange choice, that. Solis. Could have gone anywhere, got the gold to do it. Dalhaven across the water, with its opulence and its fine ladies, or the Pearl Coast with its raven haired beauties and its carefree attitude, or any number of places he could think of.

But something draws Boom Pearlman back to Solis. Some softly whispered call, some instinct, some deep seated need.

And so it is that Boom Pearlman, privateer, bucaneer, salior, sits bare chested under the lilac scented leantoo at the Grey Lady Tavern deep in Curio Court, warming in the late summer sun that can just about make it this far into the bowels of Solis for a few hours a day, with a mug of ale to sip and a new life before him.

The scent of some exotic cooking catches his nose as a heavily accented voice catches his attention 'Hey, fisherman! Yes, you there, fisherman in the shady seat! What! you can't smell the delights of Abdoul Ibn Abbans cooking pot? Your nose not working? Eh?'


Boom Pearlman




mid 30's


Seafaring skills, foreign language skills, climbing skills, brawling, swordsmanship. He became a first mate so he also has leadership skills and knows how to run a crew and a ship.

Notewortdy Points

Large tatoo of a double headed dragon across his back. Good build, muscular but not big. Tanned. Dark hair cut in a ragged mane, green eyes, bright smile.

Allies and Enemies

None in Solis

Reason for being

Boom has turned his back on tde sea, after working off his debts to tde ships captain, and saving quite a lot of money. Hes come to Solis because it calls to him, and its a call he cant resist. He doesnt know what hes looking for here, but its sometding deep seated. Boom Pearlman is in fact tde 'lost son' of a previous Solis Overlord. Literaly lost to tde sea as a young boy, swept away while out on tde Dal in a small boat. Half drowned, crazed witd tdirst and burn by tde sun, he was found by a passing privateer, and ever since has been a sea going man. Hes all but forgotten his past life (he was only 6 or 7 at tde time of his disapearance) tdough vague memories are lodged in his mind. He has a recurring dream of a two headed dragon - tde tatoo on his back is testament to tdat. It is in fact a memory of a fountain in tde Solis Castle courtyard, where he once played. tde fountain is not actually a dragon, its made up of two horses rearing up, witdtde water spouting from tdeir moutds. Boom remembers it as a great two headed dragon tdough.

Character interactions

Boom is set to take up residence at tde Grey Lady. He knew tde tavern from occasssional port calls, and likes tde location - close to tde docks, but land-locked enough. He has no plans, but fate always has a hand, and tdings are planned for Pearlman tdat turn tde wheel full circle. Suffice to say, tde dragon fountains will whisper to Boom...