Seeking Solis RPG Resources
Seeking Solis RPG Resources
Category: Personalities
Location: The City of Solis

Curio Court Resources

After a while, you don't notice the stench.

In fact, there's a sweetness to it, if you take the time to think about it. Not that unpleasant at all. Course, not all would share your views, but then not all live in the gutter. The gutters where it starts off, the slime trickle of dawn slung piss-pots, the stale effluvia of a late night grog session seeping from a rotting midden, the tepid decantations of cook-pots, the soapy scum of wash basins. They all conspire to collect in the gutters, gulleys and channels that are made to lead them to the under street world where rats take the place of men. Except some men do venture into this city-below, whose canals are somewhat familiar if not exactly the same as the maze above. And such a man is Scard, gutter dweller, rat-runner, housebreaker and thief.





Housebreaker and petty criminal


Mid 30's


Fine sense of direction, rarely gets lost. Instinctive mover. Intricate knowledge of the sewers around Curio, and much of the city. Great housebreaker who makes careful plans and covers all eventualities. good mechanical thievery skills, not talent for tde scam though, or more personal thievery - leaves tdat to the likes of Javis Ghan. Not a fighter, doesn't even carrry a blade, though he's a crack shot with a sling stone.

Noteworthy Points

Scard has no vision. He just thieves to live. He could make a good living, but he pays his guild dues, doesnt skim, and doesn't aim big. Always a worrier, never thinks he can pull a theft off, doesn't realise just how good he is.

Allies and Enemies

Works witd Javis Ghan, looks out for him.

Reason for being

Thieves to live, and just about manages to live.

Character interactions

If you use the Winding Ways, sooner or late you will bump into Scard.